Thank you for your interest in affiliation with the Idaho Surveying & Rating Bureau, Inc. Affiliation with the Bureau is open to all insurers doing property insurance business in Idaho. There is no state law that requires companies to affiliate with the Bureau. However, the Articles of Incorporation require that "All fire insurance companies or other authorized insurers affiliated with a member or subscriber under a common ownership, management or control must also be members or subscribers, as the case may be, if transacting an insurance business in or insuring property in the territory for which rating services are performed for the member or subscriber by the association." 

The Bureau offers two types of affiliation:

Membership: Membership in the Bureau is limited to those companies with a certificate of authority issued by the Idaho Department of Insurance and doing property insurance business. Membership, according to the Bylaws, takes longer to process and is more difficult to resign, because members have a voice in the management of the Bureau. The member companies elect the Board of Directors and only employees of the member companies can be elected as Directors.

Subscribers: Subscribers in the Bureau is open to all companies doing property insurance business in Idaho. Subscribing companies do not have a voice in the management of the Bureau.

Services provided and the assessment charges are identical regardless of the type of affiliation. The Bureau operates on an assessment basis, with the assessment ratios recalculated on a quarterly basis. Each quarterly assessment collects the next quarter's budget amount. The minimum assessment is $500 per quarter.

To begin the affiliation process, download the Affiliation application , print and complete this form in triplicate. Based on the type of affiliation you elected in the application download either the Membership Agreement or the Subscribers Agreement, print and complete this form in triplicate. Mail the completed and signed forms to the mailing address below. We need all three (3) originals in order to complete the affiliation process. Each original is affixed with the corporate seal and signed by the Secretary. One of these originals is returned to you, one is filed with the Idaho Department of Insurance, and one is for the Bureau's records. The fully executed forms along with your affiliation certificate will be returned to you via USPS once the process is completed.

The Articles of Incorporation,Bylaws & Operation Rules are available to be down loaded.

The current Report of Premiums Written.doc or Premium Report Worksheet.xls Premium Report Worksheet.xls forms are available for those who need a copy.

If you have any question, please contact Edna Garza or phone 208.343.5483 x 24.

Affiliation Application as a word document.