Loss Cost Quotes, Public Protection Classes, & Building Code Effectiveness Classes(BCEG) - Phone service is available to help you determine the class of protection or the BGEC class for a location, and/or the loss cost for a specifically rated property.

Copies of Surveys and Reports - Copies of surveys and reports are available to our affiliated companies and their producer as registered users via this website. These surveys contain underwriting information that may be of value to an insurer. These surveys can be used to determine if changes in the property, the operation, or the protection would produce savings for the insureds. 

Tentative Loss Costs - The Bureau will provide tentative (estimated) loss costs for property not currently rated and not eligible for Fire Class Loss Costs. These tentative loss costs are only as good as the information provided. This website has an Excel worksheet that can be used for the most common occupancies where a tentative loss cost may be needed. 

Proposed Construction or Proposed Changes Evaluations - Insureds and their producers can request a construction\protection matrix that will provide a complete set of tentative loss costs that cover all possible classes of construction and all classes of public protection. The matrix can be for sprinklered, non-sprinklered or both. These can be either generic or based on details provided by the insured. 

Plan Review - The Bureau will review and make recommendations for changes that could affect advisory loss costs. Recommendation cover building construction, and changes to sprinkler systems, restaurant hood and vents, and other systems that effect property insurance loss costs. 

Field Rating Representative Visits - The Bureau's Field Rating Representatives are available to meet with insured and producers upon request. Our representative can answer questions about any of the Bureau services or functions. 

Optional Services - In conjunction with ISO, Inc., the Bureau provides the same personal and commercial underwriting reports available in other states. The ordering and billing is handled via ISO, Inc.

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